Breathwork, Guided Relaxations & Meditations

Join Leigh Ann on soundcloud for some audio meditations and guided visualizations

Breathe in the calm with Sue rice

Motion & Stillness With Sue Rice

Grounding through the mist with Sue Rice

Breath Connection with Sheila Good fellow

Alternate nostril breathing with Sheila Goodfellow

Guided Relaxation with Sheila Goodfellow

Body Connection meditation with Sheila Goodfellow

When my world feels topsy-turvy I try to remember to use tools to ground myself... I tend to fall back on connecting with my breath and Nature.

Linking Movement to Breath with Sheila Goodfellow

Jordan Trepanier - Enjoy a brief period (11 minutes) of deep relaxation, and allow the singing bowls to serenade you. You can play this video at the end of your yoga practice to aid you in savasana, or you may simply play it any time you need a rest. I hope you enjoy!

Jordan Trepanier- This is a brief (10 minute) guided mindfulness meditation. Relax, breathe, enjoy!

Gabrielle Berstein - Today’s meditation is designed to help you cut the cord with any person, story, or thought that is harming you. In this meditation you can release all negative attachments and clear your energy field. We all need to feel clear and released to show up for this difficult time.

This brief talk and meditation practice help you to sit with the many parts of yourself with compassion, acceptance and clarity. When we do the work of self-inquiry we gain greater insight and learn to turn toward our suffering rather than abandoning the parts of ourself that may be arising. In turning toward our pain, frustration, disappointment, or vulnerability we clear the path for healing and transformation.

Yoga Flows 

A 40 Minute gentle yoga flow with guided relaxation led by Leigh Ann Mastronardi

Leg Rejuvenation Practice with Sheila Goodfellow

Standing Practice for the shoulders with Sheila Goodfellow

Jordan Trepanier - This yoga practice is designed to help you release physical tension from the body, ground your energy and calm your mind. We will incorporate the Kundalini meditation for a Calm Heart. Mantras used in this practice include: "Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo" (I bow to the Infinite Source of Wisdom within all beings), and "Sat Nam" (I live in Truth).

Paula Lay - This is a beautiful short practice that will release tension in the neck, shoulders and upper back & will help you feel more ease and spaciousness in your body and mind. It is a fully accessible practice, suitable for absolute beginners, right through to the advanced practitioner. It can be done seated on the floor, or in a chair - perfect for a quick break in your office chair to release any tension built up working on your computer.

Join Lauren Eckstrom In this 30 minute vinyasa practice you'll balance the left and right sides of the body through dynamic side stretches, side body lengthening, and core awareness to support your spine.

Join Lauren Eckstrom and Get ready to move, sweat, and step into a powerful practice setting you up for a purposeful, focused, and empowered day.

Lauren Eckstrom Power Yoga "Embrace The Suck" with Lauren Eckstrom - Inner Dimension TV - 14 Day Yoga and Meditation LIVE Series. We hope you and your loved ones are staying strong, healthy and calm during these unprecedented times.

Travis Elliot-This 30 minute "Gentle Yoga" practice will leave you feeling blissed and blessed...super sweet!

Join Lauren Eckstrom In this 30 minute power yoga practice where you will build upper body strength, lower body stability, physical balance, and inner steadiness. Tap into your true strength from the inside out with this vigorous flow.

Practicing yoga daily, even for a short time, can be more beneficial than a long, intense practice once in a while. So open your heart, ignite your inner fire, and experience the effects of yoga with one of the worlds most inspiring teachers, Shiva Rea.

Total Body Yoga is a deep stretch practice for the legs, back and hips. This session invites you on the mat to go deeper. This 45 min yoga practice is great for the lower back and the HIPS! Lean in, breathe deep, stretch it out and connect to something big.

This Power Yoga "Detox" class is from Travis Eliot's NEW program, Level Up 108. LU108 is the most transformative Power Yoga program in the world...this powerful 108 day yoga program is for students ready to take their practice to the next level!

This 45min prenatal yoga practice is from Initiating the Mother: A 40 Week Prenatal Yoga Program with Lauren Eckstrom. It is designed to support pregnant people through their first, second, and third trimesters of pregnancy. This practice is from the 3rd trimester and is titled Radiantly Rooted. There is no quality more important in motherhood than your ability to be rooted: steady and deeply grounded. As you prepare to enter the final phase of pregnancy, this practice is geared to support you during your third trimester by establishing balance, stability, and clarity. You’ll move through postures that build confidence, strength and space while practicing breathing techniques to support you during labor and delivery. For this practice have 2 blocks and a bolster.

Yin Yoga

This yin practice encourages you to let go- of whatever you can in this moment. Let it Go (poet- Danna Faulds) Let go of the ways you thought life would unfold; the holding of plans or dreams or expectations- Let it all go. Save your strength to swim with the tide. The choice to fight what is here before you now will only result in struggle, fear, and desperate attempts to flee from the very energy you long for. Let go. Let it all go and flow with the grace that washes through your days whether you receive it gently or with all your quills raised to defend against invaders. Take this on faith: the mind may never find the explanations that it seeks, but you will move forward nonetheless. Let go, and the wave's crest will carry you to unknown shores, beyond your wildest dreams or destinations. Let it all go and find the place of rest and peace, and certain transformation.

Travis Eliot guides you through a balanced 60 minute yin yoga practice.

In this 85 minutes Yin practice prepare to kick back, slow down, and move through a sweet series of yin poses that will leave your hips happy and very healthy. -Travis Elliot

1 Hour Yin Yoga with Kassandra

Release tension in the body & mind with this yin yoga sequence created by our expert Laura van Ree. With deeply restorative postures, it’s the perfect full body stretch to end a workout or a stressful day. This yin yoga routine will help you stretch the tension out of your muscles and your mind. The long-held poses in this sequence are all done lying or sitting on the ground. As you flow smoothly from one pose to the next, the deep stretches and long holds invite you to slowly move deeper into relaxation. Some of the yin yoga postures incorporated in this sequence are the banana pose, the cat tail, eagle arms and savasana poses. Subscribe today and make sure you click that bell if you don’t want to miss anything!

This practice is from the comprehensive 8 week yin yoga program, "Flexibility and Beyond," with Travis Eliot. 

Kundalini Yoga

Self Awareness & Healing with Jordan Trepanier

Feel good yoga with Jordan Trepanier

A kundalini practise with Jordan Trepanier

Kundalini with Jordan

Family, Partner & Kids Yoga

This partner yoga was designed to remind us to breath, feel the healing energy in touch, and help in connection with other people. Partner yoga, or couples yoga is a fun way to interact with your friends, kids, sweetie pies, or strangers while becoming flexible, and reaping many more of the benefits of yoga! Certified Yoga Instructor Jacq St. Pierre, from Austin TX, leads this beginners yoga flow.

Kids yoga with Cosmis kids

Yoga for all ages with Adrienne

Inspiring Wellness Talks & Resources

Gabrielle Bernstein - This morning in my meditation something beautiful came through: Give yourself permission to feel what's up. Grasping for control right now when so much is out of our control is a completely understandable reaction — be gentle with yourself. Watch to learn more and to hear about the 6 methods I'm teaching in my upcoming free Anxiety Relief Workshop. I'm so grateful to be able to support everyone during these difficult times and give tools that will lead your mind back to a confident, safe place.

7 Non-Negotiable with Seane Corn 

5 Lessons to live by with Dr. Wayne Dyer

A Return To Love audiobook by Marianne Williamson