New to yoga? it's not as scary as it looks

With so many images of yogis in twisted, pretzel positions out there, it's no wonder people are intimidated by this ancient practice.

The good news is, yoga is modernizing in some aspects to make it more accessible to everyone.

The goal of practicing yoga is to get on your yoga mat for a period of time, and simply find your breath, peace and body movement. What does this mean? You can get on your mat and learn to deep belly breathe, and you are successfully practicing yoga. You do not need to fold yourself into a pretzel to say you are practicing yoga.

In this day and age, with the hectic lifestyles we lead, it is more important than ever to take time out of our busy lives to pause, find peace, reset and balance our energy.

Yoga gives us tools to better cope with stress and anxiety. A side of effect of a regular yoga practice is physical wellbeing. Balancing mind and body in yoga, brings us back to a state of well being so we can function at our full potential. We build a stronger relationship with ourselves in the process and find a deep sense of peace, calm and clarity.

The old belief that you cannot practice yoga because you are not flexible needs to be released. The only thing you need in order to practice yoga, is an open mind. It is our job as yoga instructors to teach you how to incorporate yoga into your life. We create a space, so that yoga will meet you where you are at. Every body is unique and beautiful, poses can be modified to work for you. Our hope is that you will come into the space, and feel good so that you can begin to incorporate this beautiful practice into your life. When you do, you will find a sense of peace, inner calm and clarity that you may have never experienced. You will nourish your soul, in ways that may not have otherwise been accessible.

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