Happy New Year!

We welcome 2020 with open arms, we will begin the new year with our alignment ceremony today at 1:11pm. This poem by Rumi will be discussed as we release that which no loner serves us and set new intentions. It is important to move through this process with a softness. As feeling and emotions surface, it is important to meet them with love, in order to heal them and move forward. The subconscious mind holds many deep seeded old beliefs, trauma and memories, in order to release them we must become aware of them. When emotions surface, it provides us with the opportunity to bring awareness to them and release them. Once they are ready to leave the subconscious mind they will surface as emotions, we need to feel those emotions to allow them to release. Meet them with love, and acceptance. Give yourself time and space to move through emotions in a healthy way, treat them like a visitor in your guest house, see them, acknowledge them and then release them.

Much love and gratitude,

Leigh Ann

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