Enjoy the Journey

As I was looking through images on my computer, this particular one caught my eye. My friend Kerry Trepanier (a local photographer) captured me as I was moving into warrior 2 asana. Checking my alignment and preparing to settle in for a few breaths. It reminded me of the importance of these transitions between poses.

As we flow through our practice, the transitions are equally as important as the postures. Transitioning between poses allows us to become deeply aware of our bodies. We connect our mind to our physical body. Many things happen as we make this connection.

We deepen the awareness of our physical body and become focused on the present moment as we navigate our way into the asana. Deepening that awareness allows us to build on our practice as we develop a stronger bond with ourselves.

We discover what works and what doesn't in the exact moment.

We learn to trust our bodies as they guide us by creating physical boundaries. Some days these boundaries are more profound and other days we may discover more of an openness.

It is in this moment of deep self discovery on our mat that we can find our inner wisdom. This wisdom can be used as a guide on our path to inner peace. Learning to connect mind and body and deepening this relationship can cause profound benefits in our lives.

I find my practice follows me off the mat and into my daily life. I have learned over time to not always look ahead at the destination, but to enjoy the journey on my way to the destination. Even if that journey isn't pretty, I will do my best to find joy in it.

I look at yoga postures as a destination on the mat, as I move through my yoga flow, I enjoy the transitions between poses, even if that means I have fallen out. Falling out of a pose helps deepen my self discovery. I learn to have compassion for myself and accept myself where I am at today.

Some days those transitions are smooth and comfortable and other days they may be rigid and complicated.

Accepting and loving all of it, allows me to grow and evolve both on and off the mat. The journey I have chosen is to live a life filled with peace and joy. On this journey I have discovered that I have learned so much from the moments of discomfort. They have been a catalyst on my healing journey. Creating new opportunities and leading me to discover more peace and joy.

Enjoy the journey both on and off the mat. Love yourself, and create a space of deep self compassion on your mat.

Remember Joy is your birthright!

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