Creating a Space For Your at Home Practice

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Where should my space be?

Creating a space should be kept simple. I have seen the most seasoned yoga teachers, teaching from their closets at home.  Choose a space in your home where you know you can relax and have minimal distractions.  The Beauty of practicing from home is the ability to customize your space.  Choose some items which may serve as a reminder to get grounded, and add these items to your space  (ie. crystals, stones, salt lamp, a photo, book etc)  This doesn't have to be an entire room dedicated to your practice space, it can be a corner of a room or as previously stated, even inside a closet.  

What do I need?

honestly..not much.  

Don't sweat over props.  Even if you don't have a yoga mat, that is fine.  A sturdy blanket or towel works well.  No problem! A cushions, pillows and rolled up blankets will do the trick. Be sure to have a blanket for savasana if it makes you more comfotable.  Remember the focus is your comfort.

What should I wear?  

Wear what is comfortable for you.  If you are taking a gentle, restorative class feel free to wear your pj's or loungewear. If the class is more high energy, adapt your clothing so that you will be comfortable getting in and out of down dogs and chaturangas.  

But I have kids..

One lesson I have taught my children during this time off, is that mama needs "me time", and that it is non negotiable daily.  In return I have seen my children develop better self care habits, these lessons are invaluable.  

I have yet to attend a zoom class where there weren't children, dogs and cats in the background.  Hey, if you can find some bliss in a state of chaos in your home, you are doing amazing! We are all in this together and no-one is going to judge what is going on in the background at your house, you showed up for yourself and that is most important.    

How do I log on to zoom classes?  You will need to download zoom.  It is very simple once you have a link to a zoom class, you will be prompted through the steps.  If you have not upgraded your zoom since June 1st, you will need to, as the old format no longer works. You can even join on your phone or iPad easily.  Don't let technology get you down, there are many excellent YouTube tutorials on how to attend a zoom class.

What happens if I get disconnected?

It happens...the first thing you can try to do is reconnect by using the same zoom link you were given, don't stress, breath and think positive.  Send your technology device some love..Marie Kondo does it, it's worth a shot.  

Worst case, if you cannot get back on, move your body intuitively, listen to that inner voice and see what your body is calling for, and then get yourself into a nice and long, much needed savasana.

You will most likely find that if you create yourself a practice space in your home and make it a ritual to get into that space as often as you can, you will be more likely to stick with your at home practice.  Now is not the time to let go of your practice, it is needed now more than ever.

Your mind and body will thank you.


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