Cracked Wide Open (my personal story)

Updated: Feb 3

I am not here to push a set of beliefs on anyone, I am writing today to show you how we all live unique lives, filled with unique events that make us who we are. That is what makes us human. We would not want to live in a world where everyone was exactly the same.

I am here to share my story which is unique to me, in hopes that you can begin to see that everyone holds a system of beliefs that is unique to them and that is likely due to the unique events that have happened in their lives.

My story is about my experience with my 15 year old son. My first child…who I took without hesitation to get his routine first set of shots at 2 months of age, thinking I was doing the right thing I was on cloud 9…maybe I am figuring this whole parenting thing out. So we went in to the doctors office and he received his shots, I held him in my arms, he cried of course which I thought was normal considering. Little did I know that injection would cause him a life time of illness. Within hours my son grew severely ill, over the next few years we travelled across Canada and the United States to get him help. All the while claiming we were unsure of what was wrong with him in order to not create vaccine hesitancy in anyone, as we felt vaccines are important and reactions are rare.

When it came time for our son to attend school, our medical doctor without question wrote him a medical exemption which stated “medically exempt from all vaccines for life” signed by the doctor who cared for our son through some very dark and terrifying moments. That medical exemption has been on file with our local health unit ever since.

We were approached by a make a wish representative to offer our son the chance to have a wish granted. This moment for me as a mother was horrifying. I had to take a form from their organization to our doctor to which he had to answer a question. This question asked our doctor if our sons health condition was life threatening, if he was at risk of death. Our doctor looked at me with sadness and then signed the form. My heart shattered in a million pieces. Although I knew, the many times I held my child in my arms dangerously sick that he may not make it through the night…this was still a very hard pill to swallow. Seeing my doctor without hesitance, sign that paper was a moment I will never forget, it was confirmation that my days with my child could be numbered…A parent’s worst nightmare.

My son was granted his wish and became a “wish kid”. His wish to meet the Toronto Maple Leafs came true April 3rd, 2016. A day I will never forget. He was on top of the world, for one day he forgot he was sick, he forgot about the surgeries, the hospital stays, the pokes….all of it. He was a true hero. This hero status continued on for years…until the covid vaccine was mandated here in Ontario. At that point my son lost his hero status and is now shunned from society. His medical exemption suddenly not accepted for this particular vaccine. I repeatedly asked them to explain it to me and was met with the following response… these are the rules.

So we have a child who’s medical team does not want him to receive this or any vaccines due to previous severe reaction, who is now being told he has to. But who will take responsibility if and when most likely he reacts?

I have sent countless emails, messages and made phone calls to all levels of government with little to no response. I recently posted a comment on our local MP’s face book page explaining our story and asking him to please help us. Shortly after he deleted the comment and blocked me from his page.

How is this happening? We are living in a time when our primary care physicians can no longer assess risk benefit ratio with their patients. They can no longer practice using their “do no harm” oath. I have been told by our local health unit and school board that my son has to receive one covid vaccine and experience severe myocarditis in order to potentially get a medical exemption.

My son has had covid and recovered and I am still fighting this battle. I am utterly exhausted, my mental health has not been ok. I have been feeling so alone in this fight, so isolated. It has been extremely difficult.

Until now….When this freedom convoy began, I told my son, they are fighting for you. They are fighting for you to be a hero again. They are fighting for our doctors to be able to make your medical decisions with us again. They are fighting for you to play basketball, go to school, go to a restaurant a sporting event….

This freedom convoy has brought us so much hope, for the first time in a long time we feel happy, we feel connected and most of all we feel love.

After months of feeling ashamed to be Canadian we feel pride.

So you can choose to look at the few people who showed up this past weekend and chose to display hate, or you can choose to look at the love.

The choice is yours.

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