Autumn...Let Go, Prepare to Restore

As the days begin to shorten, and more darkness creeps in, and as cooler weather approaches, it is important for us to begin to harness the energy shift that comes with it.

Autumn is a time when we can really look to nature to show us where we should be energetically. The trees let go, and the leaves begin to change colour before letting go in preparation for the dormancy that winter brings. This happens without resistance, with a deep inner knowing that it is in fact a part of the process. Letting go, allows them to enter into a period of rest to prepare for the beauty that comes with spring. It is a process that is needed, a deep period of rest in order to be their best when the time comes for them to fully bloom and show their beauty.

So many parallels exist between nature and our own lives. We can harness these natural rhythms when possible in order to be able to show up in such a way that is true to who we are. Spring and Summer are naturally times of heightened productivity, increased social interactions and limited down time. These busy times can leave our energy drained once Autumn arrives, we may notice the need for rest surfacing in both our physical and emotional bodies.

As Winter approaches, we can begin to simply develop an awareness around where we can create more space in our lives to slow down. Creating space to cultivate more time for restoration and rejuvenation. We need this rest not only mentally but physically and even deeper...restoration and repair at a cellular level. What does this mean? As we slow down and find more moments of rest, we allow our bodies to rejuvenate at a deep level. It becomes easier for our bodies to undertake the important task of healing and regenerating new healthy tissues.

As we slow down, we can also focus on calming the mental chatter by implementing such activities as mindfulness, meditation, yoga, relaxation exercises, journalling and the many other tools that exist. So many people are able to people find success by incorporating a variety of these activities and creating a virtual wellness tool belt. These eventually become their go-to tools when times get difficult. Using these tools to ground themselves and feel a sense of emotional control and mental clarity. This is what we call developing a spiritual practice and once you develop that practice, it becomes much easier to navigate difficult times. As you build your tool belt, you lay down a foundation and are able to return to this practice with ease. You can check in with what it is you need and bring that tool in using it to ground, calm and balance yourself. This makes it much easier to return to a state of bliss. It is in this state where we do a lot of deep mental and physical healing.

I recommend using your intuition as a guide when you begin to think about what it is you could benefit from incorporating into your practice. If you feel unsure or stuck, there are many resources out there to help guide you. Online content availability has increased exponentially over the past several months, as wellness practitioners and teachers adapt in order to better serve their audience. There has never been a better time to access this information. Now is the time to take advantage of this. You can learn from highly trained professionals who are more than happy to help you on your journey.

In order to help people settle in to this shift with ease, and access helpful tools, I have decided to launch a 6 week online series...flow.release.restore. In this series I will lead students to participate in a gentle yoga practice, followed by some restorative yoga and guided relaxation. By the end of each weekly practice students will be relaxed and prepared for a deep restful sleep in the comfort of their own home.

The tools I will incorporate in this series will include:



-vinyasa yoga

-restorative yoga

-guided relaxation

-intention setting

-deep stretching

-energy balancing

-breath work

-and more

Visit for more details.

Let the beautiful rhythms of nature be your guide,

do not resist but allow and accept the times when it feels good to let go,

release and restore

-Leigh Ann Mastronardi

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