Kids Yoga--upcoming classes

Preregistration for all yoga classes and workshops is recommended, either online, by email or phone

*All Kids yoga classes will be held in our lower level studio

entrance to this studio is in the rear of the building

Private kids yoga sessions available upon request, on and off site.

*ages are approximate, children can be moved up or down an age group based on comfort level


 Glow Flow-A fun yoga class for kids! Using blacklights and lots of glowing props, kids will participate in a fun and exciting highly energetic yoga flow.  This class is open to all levels.  We encourage children to wear white or neon for extra glowability.  

Kids Painting

Kids Create-A 60 minute class, where children will have an opportunity to express themselves creatively, creating music, arts and crafts etc.  We will discuss the importance of balance in our lives, through movement (yoga) music, art, journalling and much more.  The cost is $15, punch cards can be used for this class.

happy family

Family Yoga-Join Leigh Ann for 60 minutes of pure family fun!  We will have fun with yoga as a family and learn how to incorporate yoga into family life.  This will benefit the whole family.  Open to ages 4 and up, kids, mom's, dad's grandma's grandpa's and caregivers.  Family's that flow together...grow together.  The investment is $10 per family member.