Hello all,

As you all know, these past few months have been quite transitional on many levels.  Before Covid, we were settling in nicely as a community yoga studio.  Many friendships were made, bonds were formed and there was a beautiful level of comfort in the studio which made it possible for people to deeply relax and find comfort.  

Since March, things have changed drastically.  Globally, we have had to quickly change our entire way of living and being.  Forced to physically distance ourselves from others, losing the human contact we instinctively long for.  

Losing that community feel at the studio was a huge personal loss for me, and I can imagine a loss for many students who frequented the studio.  Developing a yoga practice provides us with tools to navigate even the most difficult times.  My hope is that you have all been able to tap into those tools when they are so desperately needed for survival at this time.  I hope that you have all been able to hold a space of love and compassion for yourselves and to accept where you are at, during this process.  

I have had some time to process all of this as far as what this is going to look like for bliss.  As you all know, bliss has always adapted.  Moving and growing the studio when it has been needed, and this time is no different.  I am in a place now of deep acceptance for what the future holds.  I have spent some time rebuilding the website and am working on moving bliss online.  When you visit blisskingsville.com, you will see some changes have taken place, I hope that you can embrace these changes.  I personally am enjoying taking zoom classes and building my at home practice.  There is something special about practicing in the comfort of your own space.  We are in need of a yoga/meditation/mindfulness practice now more than ever.  It is important to stay grounded and breath through the different emotions which arise. 


I have created some pricing and policies around zoom classes, I strongly encourage you to visit the yoga page on the website to review those as well as our new class offerings.  Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


Missing you all,

Leigh Ann

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zoom class offerings and series will inspire you to continue or begin a practice, keeping you grounded and welcoming more bliss into your life


virtual yoga studio

visit our virtual yoga studio for pre recorded, free class offerings for all

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We are so excited to announce that our store products are now available online at curbsidekingsville.com along with many other local goodies! Simply place your order online and we will send you a pick up time slot to come get your goodies curb side at bliss!  

Bliss Wellness Studio is a yoga studio and wellness centre, located in the heart of Kingsville, Ontario.  Helping our community achieve wellness through a variety of wellness products and services which include massage therapy,  reflexology, intuitive healing, craniosacral therapy, reiki, mindfulness and yoga classes for children and adults, infant massage classes, yoga attire for all ages, healing foods, crystals....and so much more. 









"Over the years, I have worked with several highly skilled coaches, body workers and energy healers. Serendipity guided me to call Leigh Ann. She is a true gift to the universe. Leigh Ann is a beautiful, loving, insightful, intuitive, and courageous healer and yoga instructor. She calls you forth into your highest self and sends an abundance of loving energy!!  Leigh Ann has provided our family healing via long distance and also private sessions in studio.

I can say with full confidence that my entire family has been lucky to have Leigh Ann as our healer.  We will forever be grateful for our times together and the best gift I could have ever given myself or my family."  Joelle

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